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Agios Georgios Pagoi, Corfu, 49100


Agios Georgios Pagoi

The long, sandy beach of Agios Georgios Pagoi  is being surrounded by dense vegetation, including cypresses and olive groves, creating one of the most idyllic sceneries within Corfu. It is notable that this beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, due to the high-quality facilities offered and the crystalline seawater. Moreover, this beach is well-organized with sun beds, umbrellas and shower installations, while there is always a lifeguard supervising the safety of swimmers. You may also enjoy water sports, join scuba diving courses or rent a yacht in order to explore nearby beaches, like those of Porto Timoni. Finally, there are many restaurants, cafeterias and tavernas along the beach and of course you can also find everything that you may need within the centre of the area of Agios Georgios Pagoi.


Sandy beach

Clear waters

Family-run tavernas



Close to nature

Water Sports



Getting Here

Green Bus

There are bus routes (Green Buses) from Corfu to Agios Georgios Pagoi. It takes more than an hour to get there, depending on the congestion, taking place during the summer months. For more details concerning the routes of the buses, please visit:


The fastest way to get to Agios Georgios Pagoi would be by taxi or by car. It may be more expensive but you will have the chance to visit and even explore other destinations of the northwestern part of Corfu, before getting to your final destination.

Things to do

Water Sports

The beach of Agios Georgios Pagoi offers water sports facilities, while you can even join scuba diving courses.

Restaurants & Bars

There are a lot of bars and restaurants along the beach, for savoring Greek tastes or enjoying a fresh drink and have fun.

Fisherman’s Taverna

Do not miss the chance to taste fresh fish in the Fisherman’s taverna, which is open-air and provides exceptional customer service.

Explore the neighbourhood


The unspoilt, sandy beach of Arillas is located to the northwest of Corfu, offering not only relaxation for those who love peaceful holidays, but also a wide variety of facilities regarding shopping and nightlife.


Golden, sandy beach

Family-run tavernas

Hiking tours

Beautiful sunsets

Porto Timoni Beaches

The “twin” beaches of Porto Timoni are only accessible by sea. Alternatively, you can get there by walking the path starting from the adjacent village of Afionas. The crystalline seawater and the unspoilt beaches with the tiny, white pebbles are must-see.


Village of Afionas

Unspoilt beaches

Close to nature

Unexplored spots


Angelokastro constitutes one of the most significant castles within Greece, dating back to the 12th century. The whole island of Corfu can be clearly seen from this castle, since it is located on Corfu’s highest peak.


Byzantine castle

Stunning views

Close to Paleokastritsa

Historic Significance