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Agios Georgios Pagoi, Corfu, 49100


Chrinos House

Chrinos House


Chrinos House is located in the area of Agios Georgios of Pagi among some of the finest and richest vegetation of the island. The house promises to offer unprecedented levels of relaxation and comfort to all guests, wishing to have a sojourn of peace and mind in its premises.

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On the inside of the house, bright and vivid , create an atmosphere of happiness, reflecting the sunlight coming through the large French windows. The living room oozes playfulness and joy, inviting guests to have fun with friends and family. A lovely kitchen, typical of the Ionian architecture, adds coziness to the common rooms. The bedrooms, spacious and bright, feature an elegant decoration and furniture for the guests to relax in style, as well as the luxurious bathrooms allow indulging in absolute comfort.

On the outside, an amazing swimming pool is set on the level of a veranda, offering hours of relaxation in the water, admiring the view of sea and lush greenery. Guests are welcomed to take a break lying on the sunbeds, taking in the Mediterranean sun. An outdoor dining area is ideal for memorable moments with friends and family, as well as fun BBQ gatherings. Beautiful balconies allow brunches with view and stargazing during the evenings.

Enjoy your time in Corfu and feel free to relax in Chrinos House!


  • pool swim and relax with a view to surrounding plantation
  • luxurious bathroom
  • cozy bedrooms
  • friendly family atmosphere
  • bright living room, vivid colours, bring joy
  • balcony with view to the sea and greenery
  • cute kitchen
  • have breakfast in the balcony enjoying the warm sun and summer breeze
  • relax In the sunbeds
  • have a bbq night outside grass outdoor dining area
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